Scaffold Ringlock system

Ringlock system is a new type of scaffolding that provides the most reliable and efficient scaffolding. World scaffolding use the highest grade material Q355B and the best surface treatment hot-dip galvanized. The Ringlock system consists of a series of accessories, including rosette, ledger,diagonal, base collor, triangle, base jack, steel plank, ladders. World scaffolding ringlock system is easy to assemble (one worker can operate), which greatly increases labor productivity.
Advantages of ringlock system:
1. Multi-functional. It can be composed of a variety of types, whether it is built for exterior walls, supporting bridges, ringlock tower, stage frame.
2. Less structure. The standard, ledger and diagonal make the main body, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly.
3. Product economy.The speed of assembly and disassembly is 4-8 times that of the tubular system, and it is more than 2 times that of the cuplock system. Reduce labor time and labor compensation.
4. The bearing capacity is large, and the axial force transmission of the vertical pole makes the scaffold as a whole in three-dimensional space, high structural strength, good overall stability, and the ringlock has reliable axial shear resistance.
5. Safe and reliable. The independent wedge is inserted into the self-locking mechanism, and the insert has a self-locking function. The vertical cross-precision precision of the shaft axis and the cross-shaft axial line is high, and the force property is reasonable, so the bearing capacity is large, the overall steel degree is large, and the overall stability is strong.
installation method:Just install the ledger connector at the position of the rosette, then insert the pin into the rosette hole by hand and put it out the bottom of the connector, then hit the top of the pin with a hammer, so that the ledger and the standard on the crossbar joint Closely integrated

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