Scaffold Frame system

The Frame system is divided into H frame and walk through frame. Mainly composed of main frame, cross brace, catwalk and base jack. It can be used not only for internal and external scaffolding in construction, but also for supporting bridges or simple moving scaffolding.
It widely used in the global market. It is usually made of material Q235 or higherQ355B. In world scaffolding, you can choose hot-dip galvanizing or pre-galvanizing, which is higher resistant to corrosion. Also you can choose economical powder coated or painted.

Advantages of the frame system:
1. A variety of models are available. We can provide ladder frame and walk through, light and heavy duty, regular frame and American frame.
2. Easy to build. The frame is mainly connected by a locking pin, which will be very quick and convenient.
3. Safe and reliable. The frame system connections form a system that ensures safety and stability.