ringlock spigot/Joint Pin

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재료: Q235 , Q345 steel
Place of origin: Tianjin China

Shipping Port: Tianjin Port

Surface Treatment: Galvanized

Delivery Time: 25-30 days after receive the Deposit or L/C
견본: Available, Free for Sample

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우리의 ringlock 비계 시스템은 기계적으로 용접 용융 아연 도금 마무리 완료 하이 - 강도 강철을 사용하여 제조된다.
Each ringlock scaffolding includes standard, horizontal, brace, plank, bracket, ladder, stairs, etc.

Ringlock Scaffolding Joint Pin is for connect the ringlock standards.

Ringlock Scaffolding Spigot/Joint Pin


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