Scaffold Tubular System

The tubular system is mainly composed of steel pipes and couplers. Currently widely used in oil and gas engineering, housing construction. The tubular system includes galvanized pipes, couplers, base jack, steel planks, ladders. We can provide British hot-dip galvanized pipe BS1139 or EN39. It will be equipped with British couplers, we can also provide Japanese-style STK500 or STK400. It will be equipped with JIS coupler. They come in a variety of lengths and can be used for different heights and types of work. The assembly height of the scaffolding should not exceed 30 meters. When the height exceeds 30 meters, the frame should consist of two pipes.
Advantages of the rack pipe system:
1. Diversity. Available in a different lengths and easy to adjust the height.
2. Lightweight. The pipe and coupler system is lightweight, so it is easy to move the scaffolding at the construction site.
3. Flexibility. Can be used for other different projects at any time.