Kurze Beschreibung:

Außendurchmesser: 48,3 / 48.6mm

Wall thickness:1.8mm-4.0mm

Länge: 0.3-12m

Zn Beschichtungsmasse: 275-600g / m2

Material: Q235B, Q345B, S235JR, S355JR, STK400, STK500

Tolerence: +-8%

Oberfläche: feuerverzinkt, galvanisch verzinkt, schwarz lackiert, graviert

Standard: BS1139-1990, EN39-2001, JIS G3444: 2004

Verladehafen: Tianjin

Muster sind verfügbar

ISO 9001-2000/BS1139/EN39 approved.

Leistung: gut Tragfähigkeits, langlebig und stabil

Test: SGS, BV oder wie pro Ihren Antrag

Produziert in unserer eigenen Fabrik, kann die Dicke Zink steuern viel besser

OEM-Service verfügbar ist.


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Description of Scaffolding Tube

Scaffolding tube for different industrial applications. Usually, it can be found in construction building, oil & gas, and other industries. You can use a scaffolding tube for different pipelines such as refinery, cement plant maintenance work, fertilizer factory, power plant, and more. scaffolding tubes are manufactured with standard Q235/Q345 carbon steel. scaffolding tubes are manufactured and designed for tube and coupler scaffold. They provide good appearance and sufficient durability especially under the condition of salty air or long-term weather exposure. Furthermore, scaffolding tubes are widely used for all scaffolding systems, tube lock scaffold, Cuplock, and Ringlock scaffolding, props, heavy-duty shoring frame, etc. Hot Dipped Galvanized Scaffolding tubes are also known as scaffolding tubes, scaffolding poles, and galvanized steel tubes, round galvanized tubes.

The pipe has a hot-dipped galvanized surface so as to provide excellent appearance with sufficient durability in such applications where salty air or long term weather exposures are inevitable, we offer our products in various specification as per customers’ requirements.


Features of scaffolding Tube

1. High strength and durability. The hot-dipped galvanized scaffolding tube is made of Q235 steel. It has a long lifetime for customers’ long time use.

2. Easy connection. It can be joined together at any angle with the right coupler. The Hot-dipped galvanized scaffolding tube is a wonderful succedaneum of standard scaffolding and steel prop.

3. Competitive price and convenient. The Hot-dipped galvanized scaffolding tube saves cost than other material steel pipes. It’s widely used in construction, real estate, and some biggest construction project.

4. Multi-functional. The scaffolding tube is multi-functional. They can be cut at any length as the customers’ requirements. To meet customers’ using the environment.

5. Multi-usage. The Hot-dipped galvanized scaffolding tube match with couplers are a good choice for outside masonry construction and also proper for inside concrete support.


Product specification of Scaffolding Tube

Hot-dipped galvanized scaffolding tube
Outside diameter(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Länge(m)
48.3 3.0-3.2 0.6-6
48.3 3.75-4.0 0.6-6
48.6 2.0-2.4 0.6-6
Pre-galvanized scaffolding tube
Outside diameter(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Länge(m)
48.6 2.0-2.4 0.6-6


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