FAQ about scaffolding

(1) There should be a clear understanding of heavy-duty scaffolding. Generally, if the thickness of the floor slab exceeds 300mm, it should be considered to be designed according to heavy-duty scaffolding. If the scaffolding load exceeds 15KN/㎡, the design plan should organize expert demonstration. It is necessary to distinguish those parts where the change in the length of the steel pipe has a greater impact on the load. For the formwork support, it should be considered that the length a between the center line of the uppermost horizontal bar and the support point of the formwork should not be too long, generally less than 400mm (in the new specification) May need to be revised), the uppermost step and the lowermost step are generally the most stressed when calculating the vertical pole, and should be used as the main calculation points. When the bearing capacity is not enough to meet the requirements of the group, you should increase the vertical poles to reduce the vertical and horizontal spacing, or increase the horizontal poles to reduce the step distance.
(2) The quality of materials such as steel pipes, fasteners, jacking and bottom brackets are generally unqualified in domestic scaffolding. These are not considered in theoretical calculations in actual construction. It is best to take a certain safety factor in the design calculation process.

The sweeping pole is missing, the vertical and horizontal junctions are not connected, the distance between the sweeping pole and the ground is too large or too small; the scaffolding board is cracked, the thickness is not enough, and the lap joint does not meet the specification requirements; Falling into the net; the scissors braces are not continuous in the plane; the open scaffolding has no diagonal braces; the distance between the small horizontal bars under the scaffolding board is too large; the wall parts are not rigidly connected inside and outside; Fastener slippage, etc.

Post time: Mar-24-2023

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