The basic composition of the cuplock scaffold

1) Polling: It is the main stress component of the scaffold. A bowl-shaped buckle joint is installed on each span through a certain length of steel pipe.


2) Horizontal rod: The horizontal connecting rod part of the frame is made of welded rod joints at both ends of a certain length of steel pipe.


3) Diagonal bar: It is a series of components designed to enhance the stability of the scaffold. It is made by riveting the diagonal rod joints at both ends of the steel pipe, and the diagonal rod joints can be rotated. The joint can be installed in the lower bowl buckle like a crossbar joint, forming the angle of the joint.


4) Foundation: It is a member installed at the root of the vertical bar to prevent it from sinking and transfer the upper load to the foundation separately.

5) Auxiliary components: such as right-angle brackets, wall brackets, beam brackets, suspension brackets and horizontal brackets.




Post time: Jun-24-2020