Performance Characteristics of Cuplock Scaffolding

Cuplock Scaffolding

1) utility: can according to the specific construction requirements, such as climbing scaffold multifunctional construction equipment, especially suitable for the erection of scaffolding and surface overloading racks.


2) high efficiency: The assembly is quick and easy to disassemble. The workers can complete the whole operation with an iron hammer, avoiding many inconvenience caused by the bolt operation.

3) strong universality: the main components all adopt common steel pipe of fastener type steel pipe scaffold, which can be connected with common steel pipe with strong universality.

4) capacity: joint reliably shear, bending, torsion resistance performance, and each bar axis to point, node within the framework of plane, solid and reliable.

5) safe and reliable: when the joint is designed, the screw friction and self-gravity action of the upper bowl button are taken into account, so that the joint has reliable self-locking ability; The whole frame is equipped with relatively perfect safety guarantee facilities, and its use is safe and reliable.

6) easy to processing: simple manufacturing process, moderate cost, can be directly to the existing fastener type steel tube processing renovation, update the cost greatly reduced.

7) less maintenance: the bolt connection is eliminated, the components are resistant to knock after collision, not afraid of general corrosion, simple daily maintenance.

8) easy to manage and transport: this scaffold is free of loose and easy to lose fasteners. It is light, firm and convenient to transport.

Post time: Jun-28-2020