Introduction to the construction of multifunctional wheel buckle scaffolding A

1. Introduction of wheel scaffolding

The wheel buckle scaffold is called a multi-functional wheel buckle scaffold. It is a new type of building support system derived from socket type disc buckle steel pipe bracket. Compared with the buckled steel pipe bracket, it has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, fast construction speed, strong stability, and easy management.

Wheel buckle scaffolding has achieved three firsts in the development history of scaffolding: the “first” realized that the steel scaffold has no special locking parts in the structure; the “first” realized that there is no activity on the steel scaffold Parts; the “first” realized my country’s independent intellectual property rights to the overall new steel scaffolding. This product has been widely used in roads and bridges, municipal engineering, and is being widely used in housing construction.

2. Construction features

1. It has reliable two-way self-locking ability;

2. No moving parts;

3. Convenient and quick to transport, store, erect and dismantle;

4. Reasonable stress performance;

5. It can adjust freely;

6. Standardized packaging of products;

7. The assembly is reasonable, and its safety and stability are better than the bowl buckle type and better than the door scaffolding.

3. Frame body composition

1. Main components:

(1) Vertical pole: the pole is welded with the vertical support of the connecting wheel and the connecting sleeve

(2) Connecting roulette: an octagonal orifice plate welded to the pole to be buckled with buckle joints in 4 directions.

(3) Pole connecting sleeve: a special outer sleeve welded to one end of the pole for vertical connection of the pole.

(4) Crossbar: a horizontal rod with buckle joints welded at both ends and buckled with the vertical rod.

4. Construction points

1. The special construction plan design of the support system should be done in the early stage, and the line should be laid out before erection so that the support system should be horizontal and vertical to ensure the setting of the scissor brace and the overall connecting rod in the later stage to ensure its overall stability and resistance to overturning.

2. The installation foundation of wheel buckle scaffolding must be tamped and leveled and concrete hardening measures must be taken.

3. Wheel buckle scaffolding should be used for beams and slabs with the same elevation range, and detailed layout and design of beams and slabs with large elevation differences are required.

4. Sufficient scissor supports should be added after the erection of the frame body is completed. Sufficient horizontal tie rods should be added between the top support and the crossbar of the frame body 300-500mm to ensure the overall stability of the frame.

5. At present, the Ministry of Construction of my country has not issued industry standards and specifications for wheel buckle scaffolding, but it has been widely used on construction sites. For on-site construction, please refer to the “Building Construction Socket Type Steel Pipe Support Safety Technical Regulations”. The calculation can refer to the “Technical Regulations for the Safety of Bowl Buckle Scaffolding in Construction”.

Post time: Oct-21-2020