5 reasons for using ring-lock scaffolding

The 5 reasons to use ring lock scaffolding are:
1) It provides a higher degree of flexibility to lock in a different number of angles and accurately align 45o/90o using the notch.

2) It offers up to 8 connections to be present within different system segments in a unique rosette arrangement which can be self-locked by adaptive wedge, using hammer.

3) It offers the best frame-body stability in its class with the support of complete vertical rod, bar, horizontal-diagonal and vertical-diagonal structure in the 3D space providing a complete lattice system.

4) The commonly used ring lock scaffolding material is either cold-dip or hot-dip galvanized with anti-corrosion technology to ensure longevity and reliability of the components.

5) They are quick and easy to assemble from its fewer set components offering ease of storage as well as transportation.

Apart from these reasons, the load-bearing capacity of ring lock scaffolding has been shown to be better than that of its counterparts. The flexibility and option on offer by the rosette geometry are not only unique but supports several different build types via slab formwork, bridge formwork etc.

Post time: Jan-21-2022