Scaffold Cuplock system

The cuplock system is used for cuplock connection, the cuplock is fixed on the steel pipe, the components are all axially connected, the force performance is good, the disassembly and assembly is convenient, the connection is reliable, and there is no problem of couplers loss. The cuplock system includes cuplock standard, cuplock ledger, cuplock diagonal, cuplock transom, steel plank, base jack, ladder, and so on. World scaffolding can provide customers with a full range of products in a full range of sizes.
Advantages of the cuplock system:
1. Versatility. Fast assembly and detachment, strong carrying capacity, low investment, and many turnovers
2. Quickly fix the horizontal plane. Through the firm clamping of the top cup, only four horizontal tubes can be fixed at a time, thereby making the joint firm.
3. Stability. Most suitable for supporting formwork.
4. Low maintenance.