Which are the Basic Components Used In Scaffolding?

1. Standards: Vertical tubes that provide structural support and determine the height of the scaffold.

2. Ledgers: Horizontal tubes that connect the standards and provide support for the scaffold boards.

3. Transoms: Horizontal tubes that support the scaffold boards and connect the ledgers.

4. Scaffold Boards: Wooden or metal planks that form the working platform for workers.

5. Braces: Diagonal and horizontal tubes that provide stability and support to the scaffold structure.

6. Base Plates: Plates placed at the bottom of standards to distribute weight and provide stability.

7. Couplers: Connectors used to join the different components of the scaffolding system together securely.

8. Toe Boards: Boards placed along the edges of the working platform to prevent tools and materials from falling.

9. Guardrails: Rails installed along the edges of the scaffold platform to prevent falls and enhance worker safety.

Post time: Apr-23-2024

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