What should you pay attention to when building scaffolding

1. During the erection process of scaffolding, it must be erected according to the prescribed structural plan and size. Its size and plan cannot be changed privately during the process. If the plan must be changed, a signature from a professional responsible person is required.

2. During the erection process, the safety of the process must be ensured. The erection workers need to wear relevant safety helmets and safety belts.

3. If there are unqualified rods or fasteners of poor quality, they must not be used reluctantly. Reluctant use will bring great safety hazards to the later erection process. In addition, if there are lengths or fasteners, it cannot be used forcefully if the shoulder is relatively loose.

4. After erection, the vertical deviation of the pole must be corrected in time to avoid excessive deviation after erection, which will make it impossible to re-erect and require new manpower, which is very troublesome.

5. When the scaffolding is not completed, after finishing the work every day, be sure to ensure that the installation is stable and that no accidents will occur. Warning measures must be taken to let others know that there is scaffolding here and are prohibited from approaching.

6. When re-erecting or continuing to erect scaffolding on the second day, be sure to check whether the scaffolding is in a stable state. Only after checking that it is stable can erection be carried out the next day.

7. During the erection process, the safety filter must be hung on the outside. The lower opening of the filter and the vertical pole must be firmly tied, and the distance between the fixed points must not exceed 500 mm.

Post time: Feb-22-2024

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