What should be paid attention to when using the disc-type scaffolding

We will find workers building disc-type scaffolding at the construction site. There are some steps to follow when using the disc-type scaffolding. So what should be paid attention to when using the disc-type scaffolding? Today, let’s learn about what should be paid attention to when using the disc-type scaffolding.

First, the disc-type scaffolding needs to be installed. After the accessories that make up the disc-type scaffolding, such as the base, vertical poles, and diagonal rods, are built according to the specifications, the joints of the disc-type scaffolding are inspected. Construction work can only be carried out after the inspection is qualified. The disc-type scaffolding has mature technology. It is used in the construction industry because of its high safety and large bearing capacity.

Things to pay attention to during the installation and use of the disc-type scaffolding:
1. Check whether there is water accumulation on the disc-type scaffolding and other related accessories to ensure that the overall use specifications meet the requirements for the use of the disc-type scaffolding, especially the verticality of the corners and the fracture.
2. Check whether there is any looseness at the connection, whether safety measures such as personnel protection are in place, and avoid any safety accidents.
3. During the use of the disc-type scaffolding, regular inspections are required to avoid unauthorized dismantling of the scaffolding and whether the acceptance personnel are certified.

Because disc-type scaffolding has the characteristics of versatility, high efficiency, high load-bearing capacity, safety, and reliability, and is not prone to problems during use, loading, and unloading are simple and convenient, and easy to store, it plays an important role in many of our construction industries and engineering construction.

Post time: Jul-03-2024

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