What should be paid attention to when using disc buckle scaffolding foundation construction

Disc buckle scaffolding has become a development trend because of its safety, speed, and beauty. When the floor-standing scaffolding is not strong enough, the floor boundary is expanded, and the scaffolding above cannot be retained for various reasons. It needs to be installed. Cantilever foundation. However, each construction unit does not have a unified standard for whether or not to install beams, beams and poles fixed nodes for cantilever foundations in meeting the specifications and calculations. When the frame falls on the top and low span of the basement roof, the foundation treatment method is also a problem to be faced.
The construction of the disc buckle scaffolding: The disc buckle support frame is erected in full house. The design method of the support frame is to start from the concrete foundation and go up to the box room. The upper profile steel is used as the main keel of the beam, and the secondary keel is made of aluminum beam. The height of the frame is large, and a layer of horizontal scissor supports is made every 7.5 meters.
1. The selection of section steel, spacing, type of chemical anchor bolt, larger erection height of the frame, etc. shall be determined according to calculation;
2. Take necessary waterproof measures at the bottom of the column;
3. If the column is higher, it needs to be reinforced with diagonal bracing.
The construction of the disc buckle scaffold is not on the pipe but on the connecting piece. The connection is safe and firm to make the whole construction safe. The connecting piece of the scaffold has the matching arrangement of the disc and the horizontal pipe lock, so that the horizontal pipe or the inclined pipe can be installed. The construction is completed quickly and accurately. The setting of the small arc structure allows the horizontal tube lock head and the inclined tube lock head to better contact the riser, which improves the stability and firmness of the contact, and the setting of the concave arc reduces the weight. It saves raw materials and can also ensure the stability of the small arc and riser.

Post time: Nov-22-2021