What preparations should be made before scaffolding construction

When scaffolding is being erected, all work needs to be done carefully. Before construction, what preparations should be made before scaffolding construction? Before construction, the scaffold should be inspected for safety, and knowledge related to the use of the scaffold should be disseminated to the construction staff. Doing the relevant preparations before use can make the use safer.

1. Before scaffolding erection, carefully study the relevant knowledge of scaffold erection, and carefully read the “Latest Technical Specifications for Scaffolding Erection”.

2. Engineering and technical personnel (scaffolding staff) must undergo professional and relevant training to conduct safety clarifications before erecting. If they do not participate in the safety clarifications, they are not allowed to participate in the scaffolding erection work. The scaffolding staff must be familiar with the relevant design content of the scaffold.

3. The scaffolding staff shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the scaffold before erecting. Ensure that the construction requirements are met, and the unqualified accessories and materials that are not complete shall not be erected in violation of regulations.

4. Before setting up the scaffolding, thoroughly clean up the site where the scaffolding is to be built to ensure the stability of the scaffolding. After confirming that it is qualified, it must be laid out and positioned according to the requirements.

5. The physical conditions of those involved in the construction of scaffolding and the management personnel shall be confirmed, and the work that is found to be unsuitable for the construction of scaffolding shall be stopped in time to avoid accidents.

Post time: Oct-28-2021