What is the requirement for scaffolding products?

Scaffolding products from scaffolding plank, scaffolding base jack, scaffolding coupler, frame scaffolding and so one are now widely used among each kind of engineering projects. However, taking scaffolding plank for example, how could we guarantee the high quality when we produce them?


Today, hunanworld, the global large-scale steel production enterprise, which is committed to global customers with high quality steel products and services, shall share the requirements for the production of each component part of scaffolding products.

First of all, the surface of the scaffolding’s casting should be smooth without sand holes, shrinkage holes, cracks, residual defects and so on. This is the first step to keep the wonderful appearance of the item.

Then, the steel pipe used among scaffolding equipment shall be straight, with the allowable deviation of straightness being 1/500 of the length of the pipe, and the two end faces shall be smooth without inclined mouth or burr.

Of course, the steel scaffolding products shall be free from cracks, depressions and rust. The main point is that long steel pipe shall not be used for safety and quality factors.

Last but not least, the stamping parts shall not have burr, crack, scale and other defects.


Serious attitude for producing scaffolding products shall service customer best quality products.

Post time: Nov-14-2019