What is the function of scaffolding and how do you choose it

Nowadays, when you walk on the street and see people building houses, you can see different types of scaffolding. There are many products and types of scaffolding, and each type of scaffolding has different functions. As a necessary tool for construction, scaffolding protects the safety of workers. So what other functions does scaffolding have? Below, the editor of Shengshuai will share it with you.

First, what is scaffolding?
Scaffolding refers to various supports erected on construction sites for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. A general term in the construction industry refers to a construction site used on exterior walls, interior decoration, or places where direct construction is impossible due to high floor heights. It is mainly used for construction workers to work up and down or to maintain peripheral safety nets and install components at high altitudes. To put it bluntly, it is to build scaffolding. Scaffolding materials usually include: bamboo, wood, steel pipes, synthetic materials, etc. Scaffolding is also used as a template in some projects. In addition, it is also widely used in the advertising industry, municipal administration, traffic roads and bridges, mining, and other departments.

The main function of scaffolding
1. Allow construction personnel to work in different parts.
2. Able to stack and transport a certain amount of building materials.
3. Ensure the safety of construction workers during high-voltage operations.
4. Ensure the necessary foothold for construction personnel to carry out construction at high altitudes.
5. Provide peripheral protective frames for high-altitude construction workers.
6. Provide a platform for unloading materials for high-altitude construction workers.

Second, how to choose scaffolding
1. Pay attention to whether the accessories are complete
The built scaffolding occupies a relatively large area, so it is usually sold in the form of unpacked and packaged accessories. The lack of any accessory in a set of scaffolding will cause it to fail to be properly constructed. For example, if the docking buckle connecting two poles is missing, the main body of the scaffolding will not be able to be constructed. Therefore, when purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the accessories in a set are complete. You can check according to the accessories list given.

2. Consider whether the overall design is reasonable
Scaffolding is used to lift items or people of a certain weight to a specified height. During this process, it is necessary to consider whether the scaffolding can bear the load. Generally speaking from a mechanical point of view, the overall design of the scaffolding and whether the connectivity of each point is good can reflect whether it has good load-bearing capacity. Therefore, when choosing scaffolding, you must start by considering whether the overall design is reasonable and choose a scaffold with sufficient load-bearing capacity.

3. Observe the surface material and appearance
Scaffolding is usually produced using steel pipes. The newly produced scaffolding has a consistent overall glaze color and good flatness and smoothness. If there are no cracks, delaminations, or misalignments to the naked eye, and no burrs or indentations can be felt from top to bottom with your hands, this kind of scaffolding is worth choosing. If you choose second-hand scaffolding, you should pay attention to whether the corrosion and bending degree on the surface of the old steel pipe are still within the usable range. If the surface material of the scaffolding is qualified and there are no obvious flaws in its appearance, or if there are flaws that do not affect its use, you can consider purchasing it.

Post time: May-27-2024

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