What are the advantages of building disc-type scaffolding

In the construction of construction projects, building disc-type scaffolding is a very important auxiliary tool, and it is also related to the personal safety of the construction team. Do you know what are the advantages of building disc-type scaffolding?

1. High load-bearing capacity and high strength: The load-bearing body is made of Q355b high-strength steel plate, and the load-bearing capacity is 1.5-2 times that of the general Q235b material scaffolding. The load-bearing capacity of a single column is up to 10 tons, and the load-bearing capacity of the destructive load test can reach 18-19 tons.

2. Technology: stable quality, disc-type scaffolding has been developed for decades since its invention, and the technology is relatively complete. Each component is linked together, and the supporting equipment is used. The load-bearing force is transmitted effectively. The column horizontal bar and the diagonal bar are all used in supporting equipment, with a close connection and a small gap. The force transmission is effective and safe when loading.

3. Long service life: The construction disc-type scaffolding adopts galvanized surface treatment technology. The inside and outside of the product are covered with a zinc layer, with a good anti-rust treatment level. The service life is generally 10 years or more, and normal use is no problem in 15-20 years.

4. Fast loading and unloading: The construction disc-type scaffolding is pre-welded in various parts, and no more parts need to be installed separately. It is convenient to disassemble at the construction site, and a hammer can solve it, saving the construction period.

5. Less usage: Compared with traditional scaffolding, the construction disc-type scaffolding has a large spacing between the vertical poles and a long horizontal distance between the horizontal bars. In this way, the hardness of the scaffolding of the entire project will be smaller, so the usage of the same-scale project will be less.

6. Comprehensive low cost: The product is non-wearable, low-cost maintenance, no more parts, and there will be no parts loss. All parts are pre-welded, so no maintenance is required. Frequent use and long service life; fast loading and unloading, saving costs; wide application coverage, high occupancy rate, high market demand for construction buckle racks, sufficient supply will be rented, so the return on investment will be fast.

7. Policy support: The government is very suitable for using this kind of reliable scaffolding. In many places, it has been stipulated that some engineering projects must use construction buckle scaffolding. The prospects are promising and the demand is very large.

Post time: Jul-04-2024

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