What are the advantages and characteristics of disc scaffolding products?

1. Disc buckle scaffolding is safer and more efficient

Disc-buckle scaffolding pole is forged and casted with Q345 grade steel, which has higher strength than the original Q235 grade steel, and the single pole has a larger bearing capacity, up to 20 tons. The unique disc buckle design can achieve a multi-directional stable connection between the rods to meet various connection requirements for scaffolding. The steel springboard used with the scaffolding has incomparable safety performance than the traditional bamboo and wood springboard. The hook treads tailor-made for disc-buckle scaffolding provide an emergency evacuation channel for operators in case of emergency, which guarantees the life safety of the operators to the limit.

2. Disc buckle scaffolding can save cost and benefit more

Although the disc-fastening scaffolding system is higher than the ordinary steel-pipe fastening scaffolding from the one-time purchase cost, in the long run, the actual average annual cost is much lower. Specific analysis from the following two aspects.

A. The number of rods. Since the poles are made of Q345 grade steel, the strength is higher, and the spacing between the poles can be larger, up to 2 meters. This reduces the number of poles, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the cost.

B. Use time. Because the surface of the rod is hot-dip galvanized, it has longer durability, and the service life can reach more than 15 years. It does not need frequent maintenance, and it is only necessary to maintain it every 3-5 years. The ordinary steel scaffolding generally has a service life of only 5-8 years, and it must be maintained 1-2 times a year. Obviously, the maintenance cost of traditional scaffolding is much higher than the maintenance cost of disc scaffolding.

3. Disc buckle scaffolding. Conducive to the construction unit to enhance the overall image

The surface of all parts of the buckle scaffolding has been hot-dip galvanized, and the color and specifications are uniform, which can improve the overall image of the construction unit, which is conducive to the civilized construction of the site, and the construction unit to promote the corporate image.

Post time: Jan-07-2021