Various specifications of portal scaffolding

There are many types of scaffolding, among which portal scaffolding is the most common one, and the usage rate is relatively high.

Portal scaffolding is also called door scaffolding. It is named after its opening like a “door”. There are various types of frame scaffolding, including common door frames, ladder frames, half frames, and some combination frames, eight-shaped door frames, and so on.

Common frame scaffolding specifications are horoscope 762×1700mm, half-frames are 914×914mm, 1219×914mm, 1219×1219mm, and door frames are 914×1700mm, 1219×1524mm, 1219×1700mm, 1219×1930mm, ladder Frame 1219×1930mm, 1219×1700mm, 914×1700mm and so on.

The door-type movable frame base is also very high again, with a standard size of 120×120×4×600mm. Adjustable nut design processing also has a standard size of 150×120×50×4.0mm.

The fitting pins on the portal scaffolding system are electro-galvanized on the surface, and the standard size is φ12×50mm, which can more accurately ensure the stable connection between the diagonal rod and the main frame. The gantry scaffolding accessories are made of φ21 hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which makes the whole gantry scaffolding system stronger.

Post time: Oct-26-2021