To check the scaffolding installation

Nowadays safety hazards of scaffolding become a big problem in construction projects. We pay more attention to check the scaffolding and test scaffolding parts. Here are some tips for you to check the scaffolding.

1. The quality of the fasteners does not meet the requirements, and the bolt tightening torque of the fastener does not reach 65N·m, it will be destroyed.

2. Use a safety net that does not meet the current standards, and the quality and impact strength do not meet the requirements.

3. The bearing capacity of the basic structure of the frame does not meet the requirements.

4. The structure of the frame is incorrect (the diatance between the vertical rods is too large, the vertical rods and the cross rods do not intersect, and the vertical and horizontal rods are positioned incorrectly)

2. The structure of the frame is wrong (the wrong height is installed)

Post time: Jul-01-2021