Three Important Points of Scaffolding Acceptance

When will the scaffolding acceptance be conducted? 

(1)After completion of foundation and before the erection of scaffolding;

(2)After every setting a height of 10-13 meters;

(3)After reaching the design height;

(4)Before the load is applied to the operating layer;

(5)After force six-strong winds and heavy rain; After freezing in cold areas;

(6)Be out of use for more than a month.

Acceptance of scaffold base and foundation

In accordance with the relevant provisions and the soil quality of the site, after the calculating of the scaffold must build height, the construction of the scaffold base and foundation must be processing. Checking whether the scaffolding base and foundation are tamped and level, whether there is a water accumulation phenomenon.

Check and acceptance of the drainage ditch of scaffold frame

The scaffold erection site should be smooth and free of sundries, which can meet the requirements of unobstructed drainage. The upper width of the drain is 300mm, the lower width is 180mm, the width is 200-350mm, the depth is 150-300mm, and the slope is 0.5.

Post time: May-13-2021