Three details that cannot be ignored when choosing a disc-type scaffolding

Although the safety factor of the disc-type scaffolding is high, it does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to its quality when purchasing a disc-type scaffolding. As we all know, high-altitude work is a job that threatens safety issues, and the quality of the auxiliary tool scaffolding is even more important. It can be seen that the quality of the disc-type scaffolding is related to the safety of the building. Therefore, when purchasing a disc-type scaffolding, you must not be careless about its quality.

Especially in recent years, many disc-type scaffoldings on the market are inferior in quality, which seriously affects the health and competition order of the industry. In this case, what should we pay attention to in terms of quality when choosing a disc-type scaffolding?

When purchasing a disc-type scaffolding, you can start with its details and pay attention to the following three key points, as follows:

1. Welding joint: Because the discs and other accessories of the disc-type scaffolding are welded on the frame pipe. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the disc-type scaffolding, it is recommended to choose products with full welds.
2. Scaffolding pipe: When choosing a disc-type scaffolding, you should also pay attention to whether the scaffolding pipe has bending phenomena and whether there are burrs on the fracture. If there are any abnormalities, it is recommended not to buy it. Remember: You must choose a disc-type scaffolding product without obvious defects.
3. Wall thickness: When selecting a disc-type scaffolding, you may wish to use a vernier caliper to measure the wall thickness of the scaffolding pipe and the disc to check whether it meets the standard. The wall thickness of the disc-type scaffolding determines its safety factor.

When you buy a disc-type scaffolding, you may wish to refer to the purchase details above. In addition, it is also necessary to remind you that when choosing a disc-type scaffolding, it is recommended that you choose a larger disc-type scaffolding manufacturer so that the quality will be more guaranteed. Finally, I hope you can choose a high-quality disc-type scaffolding product.

Post time: Jun-20-2024

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