the small crossbar

Third, the small crossbar
1) Each main node must be provided with a horizontal horizontal rod and fastened to the vertical horizontal rod with a right-angle fastener. The distance of the axis of the rod from the node is not greater than 150mm. More than 500mm.
2) In addition to the small cross bar on the operation layer, double cross bars should be set at 1/2 of the vertical distance of the vertical bar to meet the scaffolding support requirements, so that the overhang length of the scaffolding board is not greater than 150 mm .
3) The small cross bar for wall connection should be firmly connected with the frame vertical bar or large cross bar with right angle fasteners. The bar for wall connection must be connected at each post with right angle fasteners.

Fourth, cantilever installation
1) The I-beam cantilever beam should be fixed on the floor slab before being placed, and 15 × 100 × 200 wood plywood should be placed under the cantilever beam on the side beam of the floor. The cantilever beam should first penetrate into the anchor ring at the end and then into the anchor bolt gap. When the cantilever is placed, the diameter 25 must be positioned upwards.
2) At the floor’s pre-buried anchor ring, use wood wedges to tighten the I-beam with the anchor ring. The small head of the wooden wedge should be nailed with a round nail. The M16 anchor bolt 600mm away from the edge of the structure should be 220mm long ∟50 × 5 single nut fixed I-beam.
3) The fixed I-beam should be 15mm higher on the outside than on the inside.

Post time: Feb-22-2020