The scaffolding is safe and reliable, and the following basic requirements should be ensured

1. The structure is stable.
The frame unit should be of a stable structure; the frame body shall be provided with diagonal rods, shear braces, wall rods, or bracing and pulling parts as required. In the passages, openings, and other parts that need to increase the structural size (height, span) or bear the specified load, strengthen the rods or brace rods as needed.

2. The connection node is reliable.
The cross position of the rods must comply with the node structure regulations.
The installation and fastening of the connecting piece meet the requirements.
The wall points, support points and suspension (hanging) points of the scaffold must be set at the structural parts that can reliably bear the load of the support, and the structure check calculation should be carried out if necessary.

3. The foundation of the scaffold should be firm and firm.

Post time: Oct-14-2020