The safety requirements for the erection of the disc-type scaffolding

The safety requirements for the erection of the disc-type scaffolding are as follows:

1. The erection must be carried out according to the approved plan and the requirements of the on-site briefing. It is strictly forbidden to cut corners and strictly abide by the erection process. Deformed or corrected poles must not be used as construction materials.

2. During the erection process, there must be skilled technicians on site to guide the shift, and safety officers must follow up to inspect and supervise.

3. During the erection process, it is strictly forbidden to cross the upper and lower operations. Practical measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the transfer and use of materials, accessories, and tools, and safety guards must be set up at traffic intersections and above and below the working area according to the on-site conditions.

4. The construction load on the working layer should meet the design requirements, and it must not be overloaded. Formwork, steel bars, and other materials must not be concentrated on the scaffolding.

5. During the use of the scaffolding, it is strictly forbidden to dismantle the frame structure rods without authorization. If dismantling is required, it must be reported to the technical person in charge for approval and remedial measures must be determined before implementation.

6. The scaffolding should be kept at a safe distance from the overhead power transmission line. The erection of temporary power lines on the construction site and the grounding and lightning protection measures of the scaffolding should be carried out by the relevant provisions of the current industry standard “Technical Specifications for Temporary Power Safety at Construction Sites” (JGJ46).

7. Regulations for high-altitude operations:
① The erection and dismantling of scaffolding should be stopped in case of strong winds, rain, snow, and fog of level 6 or above.
② The workers should use ladders to go up and down the scaffolding, and should not climb up and down the brackets, and tower cranes and cranes are not allowed to hoist workers up and down.

In addition to strictly complying with relevant regulations, the selection of high-quality scaffolding products is also the key to the safety of the scaffolding. The manufacturer’s price of the scaffolding is affected by many factors. If you need to buy scaffolding, it is recommended that you first understand the market situation and product quality, and then choose the right manufacturer and product according to your needs and budget. At the same time, you can also compare and negotiate with multiple manufacturers to get more favorable prices and services.

Post time: Jul-10-2024

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