The reason why disc-type scaffolding is vigorously promoted

The disc-type scaffolding is gaining more and more attention and is being vigorously promoted by many construction companies. The core reasons are as follows:
1. The product quality is high, the safety factor is high, and most of them are qualified products. (Other traditional scaffoldings are difficult to find qualified products in the rental market)
2. It can save construction time, has high work efficiency, and is beautiful and tidy. Today’s construction projects have higher and higher requirements for construction time, especially because of the sluggish construction market and intensified competition among construction units. In order to improve competitiveness, new products, and new processes will be actively adopted.

Any new product replacing the old product is affected by objective laws. At present, China has entered an aging society, and the impact of the population structure on the national economy will gradually emerge. In the near future, the decline of China’s labor force population is an inevitable trend. At the same time, in all walks of life, any new products that can save labor and improve work efficiency will usher in great opportunities. Scaffolding, as a turnover material required for construction projects, belongs to a labor-intensive industry.

Since the disc-type scaffolding is made of Q345B low-carbon alloy, it has a large bearing capacity and can save at least 1/3 of the material, while saving a lot of labor. The unique socket-type structure is simple and fast to install. Putting aside other advantages, this alone is enough to prove the prospect of the disc-type scaffolding.

Post time: Jul-05-2024

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