The reason for you to use the aluminum formwork

The number of the aluminium formwork manufactures is increasing intensively in recent times. So we can conclude there is a trend in the construction industry that more and more aluminum formwork is utilized. So why?

1. Short construction period. One lay can be finished in four days; thus accelerate the workflow speed to be more cost effective.

2. Can be recycled to use to lower the construction cost in a large scale. A set of the normal aluminum formwork can be used over 300 times.

3. Strong stability and high loading capacity. Most of the aluminum formwork systems have a loading capacity of 60KN, which can satisfy the supporting requirements in the most buildings.

4. Less seams and higher accuracy; better concrete finish after dismantling the aluminum formwork. You can save the plastering cost as the surface of the concrete after the dismantling is even and clean, which can basically meet the requirements of the decoration surface and the clear water concrete.

5. Low carbon emission. All of the materials used in the aluminum formwork belong to the recycled materials, which conforms to the regulations on the energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon emission.

Post time: Oct-18-2021