The price advantage of scaffolding wholesale

The so-called wholesale is relative to retail. The difference is that the former has a large quantity, and the price is cheaper than the latter. You can take samples and then buy in large quantity. Generally, you will choose the manufacturers. They have a large amount of spot supply and can also customize; The latter is small in quantity and is the first choice when the user is not large. You can choose stores and factories, or go to various B2B platforms to buy.

Some scaffolds are a wholesaler in a ton. Some are in meters, and some are by quantity. No matter how they change, the more they buy, the cheaper they are. This is in line with the purpose of wholesale. Some parts are broken, you can also buy a batch of scaffold parts for repair. Scaffolding is not only for sale, it can also be rented and leased.

Like the model of all walks of life, whether it is the previous bamboo scaffolding or the new type of buckle type aluminum alloy scaffolding, dozens or even hundreds of manufacturers have gathered in a wholesale market, forming a group, attracting various needs People from scaffolding came to buy.

The wholesale of super high scaffolding is mainly divided into two types. One is brand new and the other is second-hand. Both types include various specifications: single width and double width; various materials: glass fiber, aluminum alloy, and steel pipe; various styles: disc buckle, wheel buckle, bowl buckle, door type; various accessories: Pedals, ladders, fasteners, casters, foot supports.

Buyers of folding scaffolding should pay attention to carefully check the quality of the product when buying in bulk. Quality directly affects safety. The high-quality engineering aerial work support is made of T6-6061 aluminum alloy, which meets the EN1004 standard, and has a load capacity of more than 1000kg. Different sizes can be customized. Built into gantry type, tower type, bridge type, trestle type, and other shapes according to the need for construction work; it does not need to spend too much manpower and time when moving, and the casters have the good load-bearing capacity and wear resistance. Inspection of components. Second-hand steel pipe scaffolding needs to pay special attention to the degree of rust when wholesale. The rustier the scaffold, the more it affects the load-bearing and safety.

Scaffolding wholesale is a common phenomenon in large construction companies. For example, a 45-meter-high building requires overall decoration and exterior wall renovation. The wholesale method is directly adopted. The factory is equipped with skilled manual installation brackets to provide a construction plan, which not only saves time and effort but is also powerful. It is a very wise choice to ensure safety and save a lot of costs.

Post time: Sep-16-2020