The Components of Ringlock Scaffolding

Vertical Post

Vertical posts aim to give vertical support to the scaffold. And it comes in many different sizes to adapt to any structure. These can be bought with or without spigots. Vertical posts are also known as standards.


Horizontal Ledger

Horizontal ledgers aim to provide horizontal support for platforms and loads. They can also be used as guard-rails for safety purposes. These also come in a variety of sizes, to suit each situation.


Ringlock Braces

A diagonal bay brace serves to give lateral support to the scaffold. They can also be used as guard rails in stair system, or tension and compression members.

A swivel clamp brace also serves as a lateral support to the scaffold. Moreover, it can be used as an obtuse angle guard rail in stair systems.


Truss Ledgers

A truss ledger is designed to increase the strength of the scaffold and enable to hold more weight.


Base Products

The screw jack or base jack is the starting point of a ringlock scaffold. It is adjustable to allow for changes in height when working on an uneven surface.

Castors are used to make scaffold towers able to roll and move from one spot to the other.


Step down bracket serves to create a 250 mm step down, and can be attached to the kicker or base lift.

Hop up brackets serve to extend the platform so as to get closer to the structure, when it is not possible to do so with the main scaffold.



Steel planks are responsible for creating the platform on which workers actually stand. They are positioned side by side, and the amount of planks that are used determines the width of the platform.

Infill planks aim to create a link between multiple working platforms. They also prevent tools and other materials from falling off the platform.


Stair Stringers & Treads

Stair stringers serve as the diagonal parts of a ringlock stair system, and they also act as a connecting point for stair treads.


Storage Racks & Baskets

These components add to the flexibility and ease of working on a ringlock scaffold. As obvious from the name, these can be used to keep tools and other materials in one place so as to make work easier.


Other Accessories

There are a range of accessories that can be added to the ringlock scaffold to make it more accommodating, or easier to work with. Some of these include:


Rosette Clamp: this is used to add a rosette to any point on the vertical tube.


Spigot Adapter Clamp: allows for linking ringlock verticals at intermediate spots along truss ledgers, etc.


Swivel Adapter Clamp: this clamp can be used to attach a tube to a single rosette at various angles.


Toggle Pin: these pins lock the bottom and top vertical tubes together.

Post time: Jul-03-2020