The components and benefits of scaffolding products

Scaffolding products, one of the most widely used engineering equipment in construction. No matter scaffolding plank, or other relative products, they are mainly made by main frame, diagonal rod, connecting pin, foot plate and other components. Nowadays, we figure out that it has more and more importance for our various building projects.    


Compared with ancient helpers for engineering project, we will find out that scaffolding products would have its special places.

First of all, lightweight is its obvious advantage which makes it is convenient for workers to carry and build.

Second, if we use scaffolding products like door structure, this is very easy for workers to pass or climb. Under this situation, it would save time for workers.

Third, with its special construction, it will provide customer fast construction speed once used among various engineering projects.  

Forth, high cost performance would make it best sell among the market. With small space, and long use life, workers would fall in love with it.

Fifth, large bearing capacity and good stability can bear the burden during the whole house building or ship transmission.

Sixth, no matter multi-function, indoor and outdoor decoration, store billboard, bridge, building support, wall scaffolding, etc., all the portal scaffolding products are welded with carbon dioxide protection wire.


As we all know, weld is not easy to break or deformation, which is greatly improving the overall strength and service life of portal scaffold. In good care, they can be used repeatedly 3-5 years.

Post time: Nov-27-2019