The Application of Acrow Steel Props

Steel Acrow Props are mainly used for concrete formwork support. It is a piece of construction equipment. Acrow steel props can be used in all types of formwork systems for temporary support. For example, plastic formwork, aluminum formwork, steel formwork, timber formwork, etc. It can also be used to support a scaffolding system, ring lock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, and frame scaffolding. So, steel acrow props are also called scaffolding adjustable steel props.

Steel acrow props are designed in different heights according to construction height requirements. The acrow prop load capacity is designed for each construction project’s concrete load requirement. Mainly consider Slab or beam concrete thickness. Then, the props can be designed into light-duty and lightweight props, middle duty and middleweight props, heavy-duty, and heavyweight props.

Construction formwork props surface treatment is always in E-galvanized (zinc-plated), Hot dip galvanized, GI, Painted, and powder coated.

Formwork Prop Specifications can be designed with top and bottom plate, u head, forkhead, crosshead types. Inner tube and outer tube size normally are in OD 48, OD40mm, OD 56mm, OD60mm. Heavy-duty infrastructure props are also in OD76mm, OD63mm, OD89mm, etc.

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Post time: Mar-01-2021