Technical requirements for cantilevered scaffolding

Cantilevered scaffolding is a highly dangerous sub-project, with a cantilever height greater than 20 meters. It is a dangerous project exceeding a certain scale, and the cantilever height should not exceed 20 meters.

Technical requirements for cantilevered scaffolding:

1. The distance between the anchor ring and the anchor ring is 200mm;

2. The distance between the anchor ring and the I-beam is 200mm;

3. The cantilevered scaffolding is made of round steel not less than 16 mm;

4. The thickness of the steel pressure plate used for the cantilevered scaffold is not less than 10mm;

5. The ratio of the cantilever anchorage section to the cantilever section is not less than 1.25, and the I-beam should be wedged tightly with wooden squares;

6. The section steel cantilever should adopt biaxially symmetrical I-beam, and the section height should not be less than 160mm;

7. The steel wire rope rings use HPB235 grade steel bars, and the diameter is not less than 20mm;

8. The thickness of the floor slab at the anchorage position should not be less than 120 mm, and reinforcement measures should be taken if it is less than 120 mm.

Post time: Mar-27-2023