Standardization of Scaffolding Erection

Preparatory Work Before Scaffolding Erection
1) Construction plan and disclosure: Safety technology disclosure before scaffolding erection.
2) Scaffolding erection and demolition personnel must be qualified by the government department training and assessment and issued a legitimate certificate of professional scaffolding, regular physical examination after passing the certificate on duty.
3) Scaffolding personnel must wear a safety helmet, protective glasses, reflective vests, labor protection shoes, fasten the safety belt.
4) The inspected and qualified parts should be classified according to the varieties and specifications, stacked neatly and smoothly, and there should be no standing water in the stacking site.
5) The site shall be cleared of debris, the site shall be leveled, and the drainage shall be smooth.
6) After the experience of the scaffold foundation is qualified, it shall be laid out and positioned according to the requirements of construction organization design or special program.

Standard Pole
1) Vertical pole pad or base bottom elevation should be higher than the natural floor 50mm ~ 100mm, the pad should use length not less than 2 spans, thickness not less than 50mm, width not less than 200 mm wood pad.
2) Scaffolding must be provided with vertical and horizontal sweeping rods. The longitudinal sweeping rod shall be fixed on the vertical rod not more than 200mm away from the bottom of the steel tube by right-angle fasteners. The horizontal sweeping rod shall be fixed with a right Angle fastener on the vertical rod immediately below the longitudinal sweeping rod.
3) When the scaffold pole foundation is not at the same height, the height of the longitudinal sweeping rod must be extended to the lower two spans and the pole fixed, the height difference should not be more than 1m. The distance from the axis of the pole above the slope to the slope shall not be less than 500mm.
4) In addition to the top step of the scaffold pole, the rest of the floor and step joints must be connected by butt fastener. The butt joint fasteners of the vertical pole should be staggered. The joints of two adjacent vertical poles should not be set in the synchronization. The distance between the two joints of the vertical pole should not be less than 500 mm in the height direction. The distance between the center of each joint and the main node should not be more than 1/3 of the step distance.
5) When the pole adopts lap joint connection length, the lap joint length shall not be less than 1m and shall be fixed with not less than 2 rotating couplers. The distance from the edge of the end coupler cover plate to the end of the rod shall not be less than 100mm.

Post time: Sep-16-2021