Standard practice for overhanging scaffolding

1. A special construction plan should be prepared and approved, and experts should be organized to demonstrate the plan for the construction of more than 20m in sections;

2. The cantilever beam of the cantilevered scaffold must be made of I-beam above 16#, the anchoring end of the cantilever beam should be greater than 1.25 times the length of the cantilever end, and the cantilever length is determined according to the design requirements;

3. The floor is pre-buried with Φ20U type screw, and each steel beam is set with Φ16 steel wire rope as the safety rope;

4. The specific specifications and models of I-beams, anchoring screws and oblique-stayed wire ropes are determined according to the calculation book of the design plan;

5. The bottom of the scaffold should be provided with sweeping poles along the vertical and horizontal directions according to the requirements of the specification, the upper surface of the cantilever beam should be welded with steel bars to fix the vertical pole, and the square wood should be laid along the length of the scaffold above the cross pole, and the formwork should be fully covered for protection;

6. The inner side of the vertical pole at the bottom of the scaffold should be set with a 200mm high skirting board, and the bottom should be closed with hard materials

Post time: Sep-20-2022