Specification for setting up steel scaffolding

1. When using a steel scaffolding board, one end of the small crossbar of the single row scaffold is fixed on the vertical bar (large crossbar) with a right-angle fastener, and the other end is inserted into the wall, and the insertion length is not less than 180mm.

2. The scaffolding on the working layer should be full and stable. There must be two small cross bars at the joint. The protruding length of the scaffolding board shall be 130-150mm, and the sum of the protruding lengths of the two scaffolding boards shall not exceed 300mm. In addition to steel scaffolding, the scaffolding can also be overlapped. The joint must be supported by a small crossbar. The lap length should be greater than 200mm, and the length of the small crossbar should not be less than 100mm.

3. The length of the scaffold board probe at the end of the working layer is 150mm, and the two ends of the board length are reliably fixed with support rods.

Post time: Sep-23-2022