Six categories for scaffolding

Scaffolding, a temporary facility for stacking materials and worker’s operation during construction, can be divided six main categories according to different standards. Today, hunanworld, a company mainly produce scaffolding plank and relative products, shall make an explanation for it.


According to the setting form of scaffold, it is divided into: single row scaffold, double row scaffold, full scaffold, cross circle scaffold and special scaffold. For hunanworld, we can customize them if you have requirement for big amount of it.

According to the frame, we shall divide it into: the combined scaffolding (also known as multi – pole scaffolding, frame combination scaffold (such as door scaffold), lattice component combination scaffold (such as bridge scaffold) and platform.

According to the way of support, there are four types: floor scaffold, cantilevered scaffold, attached wall hanging scaffold, suspended scaffold.

According to the materials used, it can be divided into wooden scaffold, bamboo scaffold, steel scaffold and metal scaffold.

According to the way of taking and removing, it is divided into: lifting scaffold with lifting tools, lifting bracket with lifting feet and lifting bridge bracket.

According to the location, it is divided into outer scaffold and inner scaffold.


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Post time: Nov-13-2019