Scaffolding removal

The dismantling procedure of the shelf should be carried out step by step from top to bottom. First, remove the protective safety net, the scaffolding board, and the wooden row, and then remove the upper fasteners and connecting rods of the cross cover in turn. Before removing the next scissor brace, the temporary diagonal brace must be tied to prevent the shelf from tilting. It is forbidden to remove it by pushing or pulling the side.

When dismantling or releasing the pole, it must be operated in coordination. To prevent the steel pipe from being broken or an accident occurring, the removed fasteners should be concentrated in the tool bag and then smoothly hoisted down, and should not be dropped from above.

When removing the shelf, a special person must be sent to look around the work surface and the entrance and exit. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to enter the dangerous area. When removing the shelf, a temporary fence should be added. Remove transfer or add a guard.

Post time: Aug-16-2022