Scaffolding erection program

1. Scaffolding construction plan
1) Cantilever scaffolding must prepare a special construction plan. The plan should have a design calculation book (including the calculation of the overall stability of the frame and the force of the support members), a more targeted and specific erection and disassembly plan and safety technical measures, and draw the plan and elevation And detailed diagrams of different nodes.
2) The special construction plan, including the design calculation, must be approved, signed and sealed by the person in charge of the company’s technology before construction can be carried out.

2. Stability of cantilever beam and frame
1) The outer cantilever beam or the cantilever frame of the cantilever frame should be actively used in section steel or shaped truss.
2) The cantilevered steel or cantilever frame is fixed to the building structure through pre-embedding, and the installation meets the design requirements.
3) The connection between the cantilevered steel pole and the cantilever steel must be fixed to prevent slippage.
4) Rigid tie between the frame and the building structure. A tie point is set according to the horizontal direction less than 7M and the vertical direction equal to the floor height. The tie point must be set within 1M at the edge and corner of the frame.

3. Scaffold board
The scaffolds should be spread layer by layer. The scaffolds must be tied in parallel with no less than 18# lead wire with no less than 4 points. The scaffolds must be firm, smooth at the junction, no probe plate, no gaps, and the scaffolds should be Ensure that it is intact, and if it is damaged, replace it in time.

4. Load
The construction load is evenly stacked and does not exceed 3.0KN/m2. Construction waste or unused materials must be removed in time.

5. Confession and acceptance
1) The pick frame must be erected in accordance with the special construction plan and design requirements. If the actual installation is different from the plan, it must be approved by the original plan approval department and the plan must be changed in a timely manner.
2) Before picking and dismantling the racks, a pertinent security technical confession must be made. Each section of the picking frame must be confessed once, and both parties must perform the signing procedures.
3) After each section is erected, the company will organize the inspection and acceptance, and the content will be well-formed. Only after passing the qualified license can it be put into use. The inspector must sign the acceptance sheet and keep the data on file.

6. The distance between rods
The step distance of the picking frame shall not be greater than 1.8M, the spacing between the horizontal poles shall not be greater than 1M, and the longitudinal spacing shall not be greater than 1.5M.

Post time: Oct-22-2021