Scaffolding body and building structure binding requirements

(1) Structural form: The tie point is fixed on the embedded steel pipe with steel pipe fasteners, and the cantilevered horizontal steel beam is tied with the building with steel wire ropes. The tie rod must be set on the pole while pulling the inner and outer poles. The tie rods are arranged horizontally. When it cannot be arranged horizontally, the end connected to the scaffold should be connected downwards and not upwards.
(2) Layout requirements: The wall-connecting parts are arranged in two steps and three spans, with a vertical spacing of 3.6m and a horizontal spacing of 4.5m, using double fasteners for connection. Scaffolding must be firmly tied with the main body of the building. When setting, try to be as close to the main node as possible, and the distance away from the main node should not be greater than 300mm. It must be set from the first large crossbar at the bottom, in a diamond-shaped arrangement.
(3) The fasteners used at the tie points must meet the requirements, and there shall be no loose fasteners or bending of the embedded steel pipe.

Post time: Sep-30-2022