Scaffolding acceptance

Scaffolding is an indispensable important facility in building construction. It is a working platform and work channel built to ensure the safety of high-altitude operations and smooth construction. In recent years, scaffolding accidents have occurred frequently throughout the country. The basic reason is: the construction plan (work instruction) has dealt with the problem, construction personnel violated the construction, and the inspection, acceptance, and listing were not in place. At present, scaffolding problems in construction sites of construction projects in various places are still everywhere, and potential safety hazards are on the horizon. Managers must pay sufficient attention to the safety management of scaffolding, and it is particularly important to “strict acceptance”.

When will scaffold acceptance to be done?

Scaffolding should be accepted in the following stages:

1) After the foundation is completed before the frame is erected.

2) After the first step of large and medium-sized scaffolding is completed, the erection of the large crossbar is completed.

3) After every 6-8m height is installed.

4) Before applying the load on the working surface.

5) After reaching the design height (the scaffolding for each layer of structure construction shall be checked and accepted once).

6) After the freezing area is thawed in case of wind of grade 6 or above or heavy rain.

7) Deactivate for more than one month.

8) Before the removal.

Post time: Oct-19-2020