The erection method and procedure are as follows:

The 3m-long cantilever rods are evenly arranged along the periphery of the floor surface at a distance of 1.6m, and each floor is connected with three rows of large horizontal bars (placed at the rear end of the cantilever rods and 0.5m away from the building) to connect each cantilever rod Buckle into pieces. Make the outer crossbar 1.5m away from the building skin, and fix the two rows of large crossbars above the floor with the riser between the two floor slabs.

Set up small crossbars with a spacing of 800mm on the large crossbars. The outer ends of the small crossbars protrude from the large crossbars by 150mm, and the small crossbars at the wall columns withstand the structural surface to enhance the stability of the frame. After placing the scaffolding boards, fasten the two ends of the small crossbars with the large crossbars. The scaffolding boards should be spread completely and opposite to each other. There should be no probe boards, and each piece should be fastened with steel wires.

Lay small horizontal bars and scaffolding boards on the working layer.

And so on to build layer by layer.

Post time: Mar-28-2023

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