Scaffold removal method

The removal method and procedure are as follows:

When removing the shelf, it should be carried out in the reverse order of erection, and it is not allowed to remove the tie rod first.

Precautions when removing scaffolding:

Mark the work area and prohibit pedestrians from entering.

Strictly abide by the dismantling sequence, from top to bottom, the first to be tied and then the first to be dismantled.

Unify the command, respond up and down, and coordinate the movements. When untying the knot related to another person, you should inform the other person first to prevent falling.

Materials and tools should be transported with pulleys and ropes, and no littering is allowed.

It is strictly forbidden to throw the steel pipe from a height to the ground.

Place the dismantled steel pipes and scaffolding boards in an orderly manner in the designated place according to the regulations.

Post time: Mar-29-2023

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