Safety plan for dismantling the bracket scaffolding frame

Introduction to the safety plan for dismantling the bracket scaffolding frame:

1. Personnel dismantling the bracket scaffolding must wear safety helmets, seat belts, and flat shoes when entering the site for work.

2. Before dismantling the pan-buckle scaffolding, a 5-meter warning area should be set up around the frame. Non-staff members are not allowed to enter the working area. During the dismantling process of the pan-buckle scaffolding, a full-time safety officer or a team leader should be deployed.

3. During the rental, erection, and dismantling operations of the Pankou scaffolding, set up full-time security personnel to monitor and coordinate other construction workers and vehicles in the Pankou scaffolding dismantling area.

4. When dismantling the pan-buckle scaffolding rental, it should be carried out according to the established dismantling plan. According to the actual situation and height of the plate-buckle scaffolding erection structure, planned dismantling construction will be carried out.

Why do many projects use buckle scaffolding? The safety of construction workers is more guaranteed. The high-strength Q345 poles of the buckle scaffolding have a load capacity of up to 200 KN. With the diagonal tie rods at each node, the frame has better bearing capacity and stability!

Post time: Apr-09-2024

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