Requirements for the use of fastener steel pipe scaffolding

Fastener-type steel tube scaffolding is generally composed of steel tube rods, fasteners, bases, scaffolding boards, and safety nets. Requirements for the use of fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding:

1. The vertical pole spacing is generally not more than 2.0m, the vertical pole horizontal distance is not more than 1.5m, the connecting wall parts are not less than three steps and three spans, the bottom layer of the scaffolding is covered with a fixed scaffolding board, and the working layer is covered with scaffolding board. The working layer is counted down, and a layer of the scaffolding shall be laid every 12m. The specific dimensions should comply with Table 6.1.1-1 and Table 6 of the “Technical Code for Safety of Construction Fastener-type Steel Pipe Scaffolding” (JGJl30).

2. Regulations of 1-2 or special design.

Except for the top step of the top layer, the joints of the other layers must be connected by butt fasteners. The joints of two adjacent vertical rods shall not be set in the same step distance, and the distance between the two separated joints separated by a vertical rod in the synchronization in the height direction should not be less than 500mm: the distance from the center of each joint to the main node should not be greater than the step distance 1/3 of it. If the top-level top step pole adopts lap joint length, its lap length shall not be less than 1000mm and shall be fixed by no less than 2 rotating fasteners, and the distance between the edge of the end fastener cover plate and the rod end shall not be less than 10mm.

3. A horizontal rod must be installed at the main node, fastened with right-angle fasteners and it is strictly prohibited to remove it. The center distance between the two right-angle fasteners at the main node should not be greater than 150mm. In double-row scaffolding, the extension of the horizontal rod at one end of the wall should not be greater than 500mm.

4. The scaffold must be equipped with vertical and horizontal sweeping poles. The vertical and horizontal sweeping poles should be fixed on the poles not more than 200mm away from the epithelium of the base with right-angle fasteners. When the pole foundation is not on the same level, the vertical sweeping pole at the high place must be extended to the low place by two spans and fixed with the pole. The height difference should not be greater than 1m. The distance from the axis of the pole above the slope to the slope shall not be less than 500mm.

5. Double-row fastener-type steel pipe scaffolds with a height of more than 24m must be reliably connected to the building with rigid wall fittings. For single and double-row scaffolds with a height of less than 24m, rigid wall fittings should be used to reliably connect to the building, and wall-attached connection methods using tie bars and top braces can also be used. It is strictly forbidden to use flexible connecting wall parts with only bracing.

6. Both ends of the in-line and open double-row steel tube fastener scaffolding must be provided with horizontal diagonal bracing. For enclosed scaffolds with a height of more than 24m, in addition to the corners should be provided with horizontal diagonal bracing, one should be installed every 6 spans in the middle. Lateral diagonal braces should be arranged in a zigzag shape continuously from bottom to top in the same section.

Post time: Nov-20-2020