Requirement of installation and usage for scaffolding products

With the development of modern urban construction, scaffolding products like frame scaffolding shall play an indispensable temporary facility in construction and installation. While it’s set up will according to the process of the project. Because of temporary facilities, the quality of construction is often neglected. Thus, we should figure out that scaffold design and reasonable build is not only directly affect the overall construction of the construction and installation project, but also directly related to the safety of the operation personnel.


The scaffolding products shall meet the following requirements for erection and use:

First of all, there is enough area to meet the construction personnel operation, material stacking and transportation needs.

Second, we should keep the scaffolding products firm and stable. Like some customer told us that they would like to purchase hunanworld’s scaffolding frank as it ensures that device has no deformation, no shaking, no tilt under the construction in the specified load operation, or under the influence of climate conditions.

Finally, reasonable and simple structure would be necessary. With the change of building structure and installation construction technology, the kind of scaffold is various. Its classification method is also different, in addition to different materials can be divided into steel, wood, bamboo scaffold; According to the location, they can be divided into outer scaffold and inner scaffold. No matter which one you choose, safety and convenience would be on the top list for us.

Post time: Dec-03-2019