Regulations for the removal and safe operation of fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding

1. Scaffolding removal

The procedure for the removal of the shelf should be removed step by step from top to bottom, first remove the protective safety net, scaffolding board, and raw wood, and then remove the upper fastener and post of the cross cover in turn. Before removing the next scissor support, the temporary diagonal support must be tied to prevent the shelf from tilting. It is forbidden to remove it by pushing or pulling the side. When disassembling or placing the rod, the operation must be coordinated, and the dismantled steel pipes must be passed down one by one, and do not drop from a height. To prevent the steel pipe from being broken or accidents, the disassembled fasteners should be concentrated in the tool bag after being filled and lifted smoothly, and do not drop from above. When removing the rack, special personnel must be sent around the work surface and the entrance and exit. It is strictly forbidden to enter the dangerous area. Temporary enclosures should be added to remove the rack. If the wires and equipment in the work area are obstructed, the relevant unit should be contacted in advance Remove and transfer or add protection.

2. Safe operation regulations

Workers engaged in scaffolding must pass the training and assessment, and hold a special operation certificate to work. Non-scaffolders are not allowed to work alone without consent. Shelving workers must undergo a physical examination. Those who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, dizziness, or insufficient eyesight, and are not suitable for climbing are not allowed to engage in ascending and erecting operations. Before scaffolding is erected, obstacles should be removed, the site should be leveled, the foundation soil should be compacted, and drainage should be done well. Before the scaffold has passed the acceptance, it is forbidden to work on the scaffold. High-altitude operations should be stopped in strong winds above level 6, heavy rain, heavy snow, and heavy fog. In the event of unsafe danger during the operation, the operation must be stopped immediately, the evacuation of the dangerous area must be organized, and the leader shall be reported to solve it. Risk operation is not allowed.

Post time: Nov-18-2020