Precautions when erecting scaffolding

(1) Before fixing the bottom end of the pole, the wire should be suspended to ensure that the pole is vertical.
(2) After correcting the verticality of the vertical bar and the horizontality of the large horizontal bar to make it meet the requirements, tighten the fastener bolts to form the initial section of the frame body, and extend and erect in sequence according to the above erection sequence, until the first step of the frame is completed. . After each step of scaffolding, correct the step distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance and verticality of the pole, and after ensuring that the requirements are met, set up the connecting wall parts and erect the previous step.
(3) Scaffolding must be erected by the construction progress, and the height of one erection should not exceed two steps above the adjacent connecting wall.

Post time: Sep-21-2022