Precautions for the preservation of scaffolding

Scaffolding is a fixed asset for engineering construction companies. Every project building cannot leave the scaffolding. Therefore, there is a scaffold rental industry on the market. The use of scaffolding in construction projects is very important. Yes, without scaffolding, all high-altitude operations will not be completed. Without scaffolding, there will be no safety barriers for workers.
Many people think that the scaffolding seen on the project site looks messy, you must use it once before you don’t want it! If you think so, it is a big mistake! You know, scaffolding is a very common tool, for engineering and construction companies, it is very often used. If one use will be abandoned, it will cost a lot of costs and cause a lot of waste! The maintenance of scaffolding is science! The completed scaffolding should be put into the warehouse in time for classified storage. If it is placed in an open field, the venue must have a certificate, and the drainage conditions must be good! In the second chapter, despite this, support should be set underneath and covered with cloth. As for these accessories, they need to be placed indoors. Bent scaffold parts must be straightened before storage. If you are using steel pipe scaffolding, be sure to remove rust and prevent rust regularly. If the humidity is high, apply once or twice a year. Scaffolding fasteners, such as nuts, cushions, etc., are easy to lose, so you should install more safely and keep them at the time of purchase. Also, we must establish a sound warehouse management system, and all management that conforms to the system will be more effective.

Post time: Dec-22-2020